Posted by Park on August 25, 2016

Two Chic Blvd specializes in the latest trends for women in clothing as seen in the Hot Magazines: In Style, US Weekly, Lucky, Vogue, and many more. We offer a unique inventory of women’s clothing, shoes, & accessories. Whatever your taste or style may be we have the look just for you.

Two Chic Blvd, formerly known as Two Chic Sisters, was inspired by two sisters, Missy and Cami. Two Chic Blvd is located in the Kansas City area. In August of 2002 we started our business because of the obsession we both share for fashion and accessories. We thought what better way to own our own business doing what we love.

We help our clients with the latest fashion trends. We have such a fun time doing this together and the best part is seeing our friends and clients accessorizing with our merchandise and promoting us! We want our clients to be happy with their purchases and advice and come back for more!!!

As of November 2005, a decision was made that only one Chic Sister, Missy, will operate the business. Cami will pursue her career as a full time realtor with Reece and Nichols.

Many thanks to all my loyal clients in the Kansas City area over the past several years & letting the secret out about us!! (hehe.) It has led me to open a store front in the South Johnson Country area. (161st & Metcalf). You will still see Two Chic Blvd at many local fund raisers & events, since it is still my passion to make a little difference in the world.